8480 Production is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida film/ video Production company specializing in feature films, Shorts, WebTV Shows and Music Videos, but it doesn't stop there. 8480 Production is a full in-house production facility, all pre and post audio and video production is done at our facility.. We not only provide opportunities for up and coming actors, we help build your experience in the field of film and video.


WEBTV is our online media network, from feature films, Commercials, Shorts, Documentary's, Comedy, Drama, Action, Animation, Family, Educational, Mini Series to Romance, we shelter these Categories & Genres as a foundation for our video production making ideas and providing oppertunites.



Our coming soon banner on the right will display the oppertunities available. We currently have a few projects in the works, and yes we are looking for talent for some of the roles. So feel free to fill out or talent submission form on the contact page, and we will get back to you as promptly as possible.


8480 Production is always looking for talented actors/ actress and or script writers to work with. If you're an upcoming actor/ actress looking for some experience and exposure, we can provide the opportunity. If you have been forever writing plays and would like to see your ideas work its way on screen, we can provide the opportunity. 8480 production has it doors open providing opportunities for any individual to broaden their portfolio.



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